Honda Jazz Facelift Z-Black Laser Window Shades

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Honda Jazz Facelift Z-Black Laser Window Shades

Honda Jazz Facelift Z-Black Laser Window Shades Provides UV Protection Cuts Sun Glare, and Reduces Heat inside Car’s Cabin.

The mesh is breathable, you can roll down the windows and enjoy a nice breeze from outside while staying protected from the sun.

Imported fabric restricted the light which comes from outside so outside people are unable to see inside the car but people from inside can see the outside because it is a one-sided sunshade. It provides more privacy while driving the car.

Package Contents:

Set of 4 Z-Black Laser Shades


Z-Black Laser Shades protects you from unwanted heat and sun glare. These are custom-fit sunshades that ensure exact size and match according to the car model. You just have to open your car door and place the sunshade in the Window Beadings. No professional skills required to install it. These Z-Black Shades keep your car interior cool inside and increase your AC performance in hot weather. The front two Shades comes with Half-Cut so that you can have a clear view of the Outside Rear View Mirror.

Installation of Z-Black Laser Window Shades:

Simply Place Our Car Specific Designed Z-Black Laser Shades on the Car’s Window Beading, and you are Good to Go.

Easy 2 Mins DIY Installation!


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