Tri Lens Projector Aux Set (2 Pcs)

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Tri Lens Projector Aux Set (2 Pcs)

For All Cars & Bikes

Tri Lens Projector Aux Set (2 Pcs) for Cars & Motorcycle, * 2 colour Lights: Bright Color Light White & Yellow Light with shape Design
* Cree Led Bright Led Voltage: 12-80V DC
* Material in Durable and Waterproof Aluminium alloy Make it Resistant to Water Damage
* Using high-power led lamp beads, long life 10000 hours the above. Brightness equivalent brightness xenon lamp.
* 3-Wire Design Includes Both Lead Wire for Mounting to All Surfaces


Product Highlights of Tri Lens Projector Aux Set:

  1. 90% of the electrical energy into light energy. power consumption of only ordinary 1/10 of the lamp.
  2. reverse polarity protection: The positive and negative reversed does not light, adjust after can light.
  3. Built-in application-specific integrated headlight constant current drive control 12-80v universal, adapt to a wide range.
  4. Does not destroy the original car structure, mounted directly applicable to all electricity-moving cars, motorcycles.
  5. Great Package with installation tools.
  6. Waterproof, dust-proof, and rust-proof, you can use this headlight even on rainy days.
  7. 3 ways of light: White & Yellow Light


Vehicle compatibility:

* All bikes, motorcycles, Cars, pack of 2, easy installation (install by professional only)
* Features: Long lasting, low power consumption, energy saving.
* Universal fit all motorcycles.
* 12V for DC power supply.
* 2 wires connections, black for negative
* with cool appearance design.

Specifications of Tri Lens Projector Aux Set:

* Type                                     : Fog Light
* Material                                : Aluminum Alloy
* Quantity                               : 2 pieces
* Item Color                            : Black
* LED Quantity (for one pcs)  : 2 Led
* Light Colour                         : White & Yellow
* Voltage                                 : DC 12V
* Connections                         : 3 wires, black for negative
* Light Power                          : 60w
* Environment Temperature    : -40~85 cent degree
* Range                                   : 400m
* LED Bulb                               : 6000LMX



The Mini Aux Projector Pair (Dual Color Beam) can be easily installed by visiting any local automotive technician in your area.

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