Open Headlight DRL (Universal for All Cars)

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Universal Headlight DRL with Matrix Indicators

Open Headlight DRL is a daytime running light device placed on the front of the vehicle.

These lights automatically turn on when the vehicle is in the drive. The purpose to install drl in the vehicle is to provide extra visibility to your vehicle on the road so that other Car drivers and pedestrians can easily see your vehicle.

DRL lights make your driving safer and reduce the collision between pedestrians and other drivers. DRL lights also add s style on your vehicle and make your vehicle looks bold.

These Open Headlight DRL Lights are Universal and Compatible with All Cars!


Product Description:

Type: Flexible Soft LED Strip Light
Material: ABS+Silicon
LED Type: 2835 SMD
Input Voltage:12V
Light Color: White (DRL) and Yellow (Indicator)
Light Length: 60cm
Suit For: Universal Car Styling


Application of Open Headlight DRL

Angel eye DRLs & Headlight turning light (Indicators)
When driving, the light is White, While it is constantly Flowing Yellow when turning.


Wire Connection

Red Wire: connecting to Headlight or ACC(+)
Black wire: connecting to Ground Light
Yellow wire: connecting to Turn Signal (+)

Open Headlight DRLs


Open Headlight DRLs


Open Headlight DRLs


Open Headlight DRLs


The Fitment of Open Headlight DRL is easy and doesn’t require the opening of Headlight Glass.

Installing this DRL (daytime running light) is easy as you can directly paste the LED strip bar on the outside or inside the headlight assembly by using adhesive tape.


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