Ford EcoSport (2013-17) Waterproof Body Cover

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Ford EcoSport (2013-17) Waterproof Body Cover

Ford EcoSport (2013-17) Waterproof Body Cover Heavy Quality is 100% Waterproof, High-Quality Fabric, Strong and all-weather Car Body Cover.

This Car body covers fully custom fit body cover is very tough, long-lasting, easy to use and hassle-free installation. The Motorbasket Spyro Silver Cover is designed to protect your vehicle & provide unbeatable year-around protection from water, frost, high temperature, snow, dust, dirt, pollution, bird droppings, tree sap, and UV fading.

Made by high-strength and high-density Taffeta material.

Product Highlights:

  1. High Quality imported Fabric.
  2. UV Ray protection (UV rays cause paint fading).
  3. Protects from Dust, Dents, and Dings.
  4. 100 Percent Water Proof Material.
  5. All-Weather Car Body Cover.
  6. Washable and Does not Fade.
  7. Double Interlock Stitched.
  8. Down Buckle and Strap Attached.
  9. Mirror Pocket.

Honda Amaze Waterproof Body Cover Heavy Quality


All-Weather Protection:

  1. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use
  2. Windproof & Rainproof
  3. UV Protection & Sun Protection
  4. Anti-cracking
  5. Pollution Prevention
  6. Block bird Droppings


Honda Amaze Waterproof Body Cover Heavy Quality



Installation Guide:

1. First identify the front of the cover.

2. Once you’ve identified the front of the cover, Secure this area of the cover around the front bumper first, then pull the cover over the top of the car and secure it under the rear bumper last.

3. This body cover has mirror pockets, be sure to place the cover over the side mirrors first before the ends of the cover are attached to the bumpers.


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