Carbonfiber Steering Anti-Skid Grip for All Cars

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Carbonfiber Steering Anti-Skid Grip for All Cars

The Carbonfiber Steering Anti-Skid Grip for All Cars is made of the highest quality soft abs, our steering wheel cover is smoother and more durable.

The steering is one of the most frequently contacted parts of the car. use steering wheel handles cover. more effective in protecting the steering wheel from wear and tear.

Improve the comfort and friction of the steering wheel and prevent the sweats from slipping.

Enhance the sensitivity and safety of the reaction when driving.

Both sides are designed according to the human body’s feel, and they play a good shock absorber on the arm, thereby reducing the vibration to the arm.

Sales Package:

2 x Antiskid Sleeve

2 x Adhesive Tape



1. Select The Position you want to install on the steering wheel and fasten the steering wheel handle base into the steering wheel.

2. Remember to button up the long part of the steering handle first and then the short part.

3. Please make sure that firmly installed and used.



1. For Safety, do not play while using the product. Please fasten your seat belt.

2. Do not put the product into fire to burn

3. Do not hit the product violently, too violent hitting the product will reduce the life of the product.



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